Welcome to Aruden

Aruden Consultancy Services was formed around 1985-86, to provide comprehensive services in the fields of Architecture, Urban Design and Engineering.

The firm believes, that problems of innovation Architectural Design demand a multi disciplinary approach to their solution. Accordingly , the firm involves an array of leading specialists in allied fields, like structural design , electrical and illumination design, public health engineering, environmental control system, architectural acoustics & sound system, landscape design, pollution control and suitable development measures( i.e. rainwater harvesting, waste & waste water recycling etc.) to support, enrich and bolster their work in architecture and urban design.

While the perception of the architect being primarily a form giver is overwhelming, he is to start with, a problem solver. The firm, while being involved in a wide variety of projects, urban housing being the mainstay, enjoys testing its problem solving skill, in the intricate and highly specialized fields like architecture for health care sector. The endeavour to develop, polish and update its knowledge base in this field, and also explore similar other fields, continues.

However, providing cost effective, workable, and viable solution to each project, to ensure that clients derive 'value for money', remains the top priority and constant endeavour.

A small beginning has been made, while a great deal needs to be done. This small presentation takes stock of where the firm stands today, the early part of 21st Century.